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Manufacturers of Shoe Polishing Machines. Machines a nettoyer les chaussures. Maschinen zum putzen ihrer schuhe

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Freestanding shoe polisher

             Do you need more polish?   

Liquid shoe creme suitable for most dispensers

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Mini Polisher

Slimline Mk2ax
Wall Mounted


Boot/shoe Cleaner
Double Size
Welly Washer
Wellie Washer

Scrapers Mats
Scraper Mat
Heavy duty scraper
Double Scraper

SANITISERS                                  Cleanse


Shoe shine polisher Freestanding Silroad

Freestanding Shoe Polisher

for use in Hotel/Office.

Household Shoe Polisher
Model Marco in action
DIMENSIONS: 490mm X 320mm X 310mm Weight 10Kg


This is Marco seen in action

He is the latest in shoe polishing for the home. Christmas, or birthday presents for the people that have everything (nearly) Shoeshine polishers clean and polish most types of shoes simply. No messy tins no dirty hands no effort. Household model shoe polishers suitable for your home or office. Even children will use Marco.

Beeline shoe scraper


Scraper setion

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Boot scrapers & Scraper Mats



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January 2023

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